Newsday 2019

Local Wedding Florist Wins “Best Of Wedding Florist” Award For 2019!

New Wholesale To The Public Flower Superstore opens In Woodbury right on Jericho turnpike next to Gabby’s Bagels!

Natalie Kassman, the original Plant Lady of Great Neck and the Owner of 800RoseBig Wedding Center in Newport Beach, With Huge Success is Back. Family Business grows on Long Island!

After 54 years on Middle Neck road, the original Plant Lady Natalie Kassman has designed a Flower Superstore in Woodbury for her son Fred and his beautiful wife Ingrid.

Woodbury NY Flower Superstore Long IslandThis new Wholesale To The Public Flower Superstore focuses on full-service wedding parties and events with 50% off.  Also, a huge selection of fresh cut flowers for the do it yourself party people!

Natalie, one of Long Islands first female Entrepreneurs to open up a chain of flower shops, says “things have changed in the last 50 years, people enjoy buying at lower prices and the neighborhood florist just doesn’t offer that. Our special is 50 roses for 39.99 is great, people can afford that”.

Natalie was the leading florist on Long Island with 8 stores over the last 5 decades located in Great Neck, Cedarhurst, Port Washington, Garden City, 2 in Forest Hills, Bellmore and now Woodbury, also Fred ran the wholesale business supplying flowers to over 130 florists.

Fred says “wholesale prices on flowers is in demand and booming online, but those flowers come with poor quality and are typically dehydrated”. “We are the first to the full-service florist, wholesale priced” this is what people want today, they are unsatisfied with the small selection of high prices flowers available at most florist. They are value shoppers that will buy flowers weekly if the price is right. our flowers are much fresher than the other florist because we buy direct from the farms.

Funny story Natalie now 91 years old remembers when she was in college as a graduate of Hunter College with a Master’s degree and BA in Botany she says all her friends made fun of her for getting the degree in Botany and Horticulture. She was the only one, now 54 years later she’s considered not only one of the first female entrepreneurs on Long Island to own a chain of 6 stores and one of the leading floral designers in the country. Her clients include; Vitas Gerulaitis, Marvin Hamlisch, Baron Philippe De Rothschild, Micheal Jackson, P Diddy, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Sandy Duncan, and many others! From NYC to the Hampton’s she has done more major events than any other florist, including the Belmont Stakes and corporate clients such as Time Warner, the list goes on!

The quality and design of our arrangements are the best in the business. This month 800ROSEBIG Showcase Floral was awarded best wedding florist of 2019, from the  this prestigious award is considered the staple in the industry. Fred and Ingrid just moved back from California to open this new Flower Superstore after successfully launching the hit TV show, seen on Bridal Channel TV called 800ROSEBIG WEDDING show. Fred starred and hosted the shows, their wedding business in California is the largest in the country and Successfully creates over 1000 Weddings and Parties in the exclusive Orange County, Newport Beach, CA area every year.

Ingrid and her family come from Ecuador where the finest roses in the worked are grown and her fathers connection to the farms are amazing! He visits them regularly AND HAND PICKS new varieties of exquisite roses that have never been imported to America. This area of the expertise of Natalie Kassman the Plant Lady, the TV personality of the Bridal Channel Show and Ingrid from Ecuador is a great combination that can’t be beat.

Ingrid, the head Wedding Coordinator and Bridal Advisor to the company has developed a brand-new line of Centerpieces and Bouquets for Brides focusing on organic grown wild flowers with lots of greens. these Bouquets give the Bride a natural garden look that are so in-style for summer weddings. She brought in beautiful wooden boxes made of antique wood for the Centerpieces. The response has been amazing, in the last 6 months she booked over 200 hundred weddings in the Tri-State areas. Plans for the future are to open up 2 new locations 1 in the Hampton’s and 1 in trendy SoHo.