Showcase Floral Merchant of The Week

By Barbara Fisher

For those who know Natalie Kassman as the floral designer and creator of “The Plant Lady,” a shop with a seemingly limitless variation of exotic and stunning greenery in Great Neck, you will be pleased to hear she is back! “Plant Lady” Kassman has designed what she calls a flower superstore in Woodbury, Showcase Floral, for her son Fred and his wife Ingrid Kassman.

This new “wholesale-to-the-public” florist – right next to mainstay Gabby’s Bagels – focuses on offering full-service wedding parties and events with, the Kassmans said, 50 percent off; while also keeping an immense selection of fresh-cut flowers available, as well, for the do-it-yourself party people.

Natalie, who opened eight flower shops in the last five decades, with locations in Great Neck, Cedarhurst, Port Washington, Garden City, two in Forest Hills, Bellmore and now Woodbury, said, “Things have changed in the past 50 years. People enjoy buying at lower prices and the neighborhood florist just doesn’t offer those savings. Our special for 50 roses for $39.99 is great; people can afford prices like that.”

A full-service, wholesale-priced shop like Showcase Floral, Fred said, is the type of shop people want today, for the cost-savings, and especially for the flowers they buy as they are fresh because Kassmans buy direct from the farms.
Ingrid and Fred recently moved back from California to open their stop after, they said, successfully launching a bridal channel show, “800ROSEBIG WEDDING,” with Fred the star and host of the shows. They affirm the quality and design of their arrangements at Showcase Floral are beyond compare.

Ingrid and her family hail from Ecuador, a country where stand-out roses are grown; and her father visits the Woodbury shop regularly, she said, to hand pick new varieties of exquisite, imported roses. The expertise of this trio, Natalie, Fred and Ingrid, is a combo, they all declare, “can’t be beat.”

As the head wedding coordinator and bridal advisor, Ingrid has developed a brand-new line of centerpieces and bouquets for brides, the Kassmans further mentioned, focusing on organic-grown wild flowers and greens. “
“The response has been amazing to this organic line, with major increase of wedding bookings,” they added. The Kassmans do have plans to expand in the future, they said, with the opening of two new locations: one in the Hamptons and one in SoHo.