How it All Happened

The Plant Lady Florist Orange CountyIn 1974 Natalie Kassman, known as the Plant Lady in Great Neck, New York with a BA degree in Botany and a master’s degree opened up the first of 6 Plant Lady Stores right in the center of town. It’s a very affluent community in New York with her son Fred & Dad Milton, was a career wholesaler and together they made a great team. Natalie has such a passion for flowers that she actually collaborated with the finest growers on are the types of flowers she wanted them to grow for our stores; she used to say going to work was like “eating ice cream” she loved it. The other florists in the area, delighted with the type of flowers in varieties that my mother was importing, started buying from my dad and we became The Wholesale flower distributors in New York, while Natalie & Fred opened up six retail stores. At that time, we really didn’t do weddings, but several friends and relatives wanted us to do their wedding and party flowers so Fred, Natalie ‘s oldest son at 19 years old decided that he would do all of our friends and relatives’ weddings at half price. Fred said, “We really weren’t starting the wedding business we were just helping out or relatives at a discount”.

What happened Next was amazing, people at the weddings Amazed with the arrangements and bouquets, Fred’s unique style and Natalie’s amazing flowers created the most beautiful flower arrangements that were Startling, and people started recommending Fred to their friends for their weddings & parties. Because we were wholesales, were able to give them half price and still deliver the highest quality most beautiful floral arrangements that were gorgeous. This Business model works extremely well and soon Fred was doing hundreds of weddings a year and we became the leading wedding florist in New York. The other florist in the area started to buy more flowers from our wholesale division because they knew they were the best. Fred took these orders and deliver them to the shops have become friends with the owners. He used to say each time he delivers the wedding order to another florist he learned something, he saw different styles different techniques, with over 130 wholesale customers over many years, with this exposure Fred became the Wedding Flower Guru. He probably was the only person in the floral industry that had a unique experience of not only running a major wholesale flower Company that catered to wedding flowers, but also ran his own wedding flower Company.

Over the years Fred opened up many locations in both Florida and California. Helping other florist get better quality wedding flowers while continuing to sell the half-priced wedding packages! The Newport Beach California store became the largest wedding florist in the country! Fred started that store 10 years ago, and last year it did almost 1000 weddings and parties and won the prestigious award for “Best of Wedding Florist” five years in a row! Bridal Channel Television started shooting 23 shows in the 800Rosebig Newport Beach store, and the ratings went through the roof! Fred hosted many of the shows, his funny personality plus his unique knowledge of the wedding industry made him a big hit! Brides tuned in weekly to see the most amazing wedding flowers and to hear Freddy’s funny stories, he started interviewing wedding coordinator’s, venues, caterers & photographers and all the top-of-the-line wedding professionals, you could see those shows today through their website. Fred ‘s Wife Ingrid, who was is mentored by his mother

The Plant Lady Florist New York

Natalie, became one of the finest floral designers anywhere and trained a unique staff of wedding professionals.

Today the staff is comprised of wedding florist men and women that used to own their own flower business, so their expertise, maturity and problem-solving ability help brides to get the best possible price & bride friendly customer service! This fantastic combination of the finest flowers, the best possible wedding floral designers, and 50% discount has made Natalie ‘s company the finest wedding florist anywhere and the largest. When you come in for your consultation, you’ll find out our store, has a bigger selection of Amazing Flowers anywhere and you’ll be giving a free dozen roses complementary. The 4000 square-foot location is huge and we do between 10 and 20 weddings every weekend so there’s so much to see! Staff will make free samples for all our brides on the spot with flexible bride friendly customer service makes each brides experience, Fun and easy! Fred’s mom now 90 still comes in every day for an hour or two to keep an eye on things and all the Bridal Channel TV shows are playing on the big screen TVs throughout the store!

Getting ready for your big day make in Newport Beach, CA or in Long Island NY a great place to learn all about wedding flowers and have a great experience.